Dog Pain Symptoms

Dogs feel pain for pretty much the same reasons we, as humans, do. They may have pulled a muscle, painful dogtripped and broke a bone, have arthritis, pancreatitis, dental disease, spinal injury, or just a simple infection. The tough part comes with noticing. Like people, some dogs show that they are hurt with a pronounced display of theatrics while others are stoic and show very subtle signs. Signs can range from posture to behavior changes. Take of the behavior as some specific behaviors can be indicative of certain, specific pain, such as stretching the mid section can indicate GI distress, pancreatitis, or gas pain. Not saying this is always the case, that is why you should see a veterinarians opinion but remember what your dog was doing.
I will list some common behaviors that are common to dogs in pain.

Yelp, whimper, groan, grunt, whine.

Change in routine:
Less social, decreased appetite, sleeping more/less, drinking more/less, urinates/defecates in the house

Grooming habbits:
Excessive biting, licking, chewing or focal scratching.

Hesitant to move, Trouble standing/with stairs/getting in and out of car,  shaking or trembling, pants considerable more than normal, trouble maintaining a position/restless (up and down a lot) .

Physical appearance:
Vacant, glazed or wide-eyed, appears tired large pupils.
Dull coat, fur seems greasy and seems to stand up.
Body posture:
Hunched as if trying to defecate, stretching front limbs far out and raising rump into the air, limping or completely keeping weight off of a specific limb.

social skills/behavior:
Does not want to be picked up or held. Seems to defend one part of the body, Lays in unusual areas or hides, acts generally out of sorts, aggressive/pleasant (when normally the opposite),  may bite.

As we can see, just about anytime your dog acts out of sorts it may be a symptom or sign of pain, that is why we, as the care takers of our pets, need to watch them. We are their best and first line for help and assistance, should they need it.

By noting the behavior that concerned us and watching them, we are better able to help the veterinarian diagnose and treat them faster and with more efficiency.

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Cecelia March 29, 2012 at 4:41 am

Our Mini Dachsund cross (with lapso Apso) has suddenly started yelping in pain. It was quite strong for about 30 seconds and now she has stopped. She seems to have started walking precarously in the past few hours. Her tail is between her legs and she is standing with her back legs close together. she normally follows us around the house in the evening but she would not go down the stairs to follow us. She is also not getting up onto the couch. She is only 3 years old and has a brother at home with her who seems to be fine. She won’t drink water when we bring it to her. We did just try a new dog food this past week and was wondering if maybe she is constipated. She was running and active this morning and was let out to go to the bathrooom around 3:00 PST


Hebenon March 29, 2012 at 10:37 am

This could be as simple as a diet issue causing some gastric upset or pancreatitis. or as bad as a hurt back. Dachsunds are renowned for back injury and because of how they are put together, they can hurt them bad and easily. I would seek out a vet for this one.


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