Duralactin (Microlactin for dogs)

Duralactin, also known as Microlactin, a hyper immunized milk factor (HiMF) or a milk protein concentrate from hyper-immunized cows. Duralactin offers relief from inflammation and can help your dog in pain. Duralactin works by slowing leukocyte movement by blocking cytokine production, reducing neutrophil involvement with the inflammatory process thus inhibiting protective prostaglandin activity. Duralactin’s capability to slow the movement of neutrophils affords it the opportunity to provide relief from inflammation wherever neutrophils are involved. Referring to the arachidonic acid cascade, this treatment affects the very last part where the prostaglandins activate the pro-inflammatory cytokines and start the movement of neutrophils.

migration of neutrophils

This shows how Microlactin works by limiting the neutrophil infiltration to damaged tissue

This diagram demonstrates how Duralactin works by reducing the neutrophil movement to damaged tissue
The benefits of the Microlactin have been studied since as early as 1955 when, presented by Petersen and Campbell, a method for treating inflammation with a milk protein was first presented. This research led on to further research, testing and the production of supplements based on it.
Microlactin has been shown to be effective in laboratory studies. As Veterinary Products Laboratories (VPL) released, improvements in mobility between 33% – 68% were reported by owners amongst the non-control group in dogs treated. A marked improvement was noted within two weeks and a considerable increase up to 8 weeks. This study was done using Duralactin an animal specific Microlactin supplement.

Time vs. Improvement

Chart from: Use of Client-specific Outcome Measures to Assess Treatment Effects in Geriatric, Arthritic Dogs: Controlled Clinical Evaluation of a Dietary Supplement

I have tried this supplement on my own dogs and recommend it to everyone I can. I have had one person tell me that they saw no results. I have found that, among the delivery methods provided by VPL that the chewable tablets are very well received by the dogs they are given to. VPL provides chewable treats, liquid and chewable tablets.
There are no side effects associated with Duralactin so I was not hesitant to try this as opposed to Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Previcox or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs). I did not need to get bloodword run looking at the liver or kidneys. I did not worry about anything. I even tried the tablet myself; it was chalky but tasted like vanilla.
Duralactin is not a COX inhibitor like any of the (NSAIDs) or aspirin so if your dogs pain is bad enough you can have a vet run blood work to check his liver and consider starting them on a COX inhibitor to add to the benefits of the Duralactin.

No associated side effects have been related to Duralactin and though it is a milk protein, it is tolerated by lactose intolerant people and animals very well.

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